Tyreek Hill Says Chiefs Fans Sent Him Death Threats For Saying Tua is More Accurate than Patrick Mahomes

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This NFL offseason saw a few really good WR make their move to different teams and one of those is Super Bowl champ Tyreek Hill who left Kansas City for Miami. It didn’t take long for Tyreek and Tua Tagovailoa to get acquainted on the field and for Tyreek to talk him up. Not too long after he made his way to Miami and started working out with Tua, he said that he would take Tua all day in terms of accuracy over Patrick Mahomes.That statement dissent sit well with Chiefs fans because they gave Tyreek death threats over the statement according to him.While on the Get It Off Your Chest Podcast, Tyreek talked about the statement he made and talked about all the death threats he received. He then clarified what he meant by the statement saying“I got death threats. Every social media account I own, I got death threats on…