Uncle Funky’s Daughter Announces New College Athlete Brand Ambassador: Stanford Basketball Star, Haley Jones

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Uncle Funky’s Daughter launched a College Athlete Brand Ambassador program to empower student athletes of color to push limits, break barriers and create change for a more equitable future. With this program, the brand aims to encourage youth to celebrate their individuality and uniqueness and embrace the beauty of their curly and textured hair with natural hair products that love them back, according to a press release. With her passion for basketball and her winning mindset, Haley Jones was named Most Outstanding Player of 2021 NCAA Tournament. While being an exceptional basketball player, there were times when Jones battled with insecurities and didn’t feel like she fit in. Going through her natural hair journey and learning to embrace her curls, Jones realized that female athletes have a voice that can be used to create change. “I love being able to inspire the next generation and help them work through problems and give them a role model that I didn’t have,” Jones said. By partnering with a brand like Uncle Funky’s Daughter, Haley Jones hopes to become a role model for everyone who experiences similar struggles and insecurities. Renee Morris, CEO of Uncle Funky’s Daughter, said: “I am so excited that...