Unspoken Truth About Quarantine Life--In Some Ways, Life is Better


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"Life during quarantine has been challenging, but it has been pretty amazing too!"

NOTE:& This post was written before the murder of George Floyd by police officers. If you would like to know my thoughts about this, click here.&
Life was transformed nearly three months ago. A global pandemic, called COVID19 caused our public businesses and social lives to shut down. We have all been "sheltering in place", which means that most of us& have been stuck in the house nearly every day. I've written about challenges associated experienced during this COVID19 pandemic, and they are considerable. (For a discussion of that, click here.) However, I'd be lying if I said it has been all bad.

& I am the mother of three small children. One is only two years old. I can tell you this. Not one of them has been disappointed that they haven't had to get up early to get yelled...