Unspoken Truth About Quarantine Life--In Some Ways, Life is Better


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"Life during quarantine has been challenging, but it has been pretty amazing too!"NOTE:& This post was written before the murder of George Floyd by police officers. If you would like to know my thoughts about this, click here.& & Life was transformed nearly three months ago. A global pandemic, called COVID19 caused our public businesses and social lives to shut down. We have all been "sheltering in place", which means that most of us& have been stuck in the house nearly every day. I've written about challenges associated experienced during this COVID19 pandemic, and they are considerable. (For a discussion of that, click here.) However, I'd be lying if I said it has been all bad.& I am the mother of three small children. One is only two years old. I can tell you this. Not one of them has been disappointed that they haven't had to get up early to get yelled at and rush out of the house. And, yeah, I didn't yell at them every day, but the tension associated with the morning routine was palatable. Every day was a mad dash out of the house with four different masters to serve--my boss, and each of their...