US Army Wanted To Spend $1 Million To Try To Use Call Of Duty To Recruit Black And Latino Men

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If you’ve ever gone to a high school that has armed forces recruiters at the school you know that they have their tactics they use to try and get students to join. Especially the minority kids.Since things have changed and kids have changed the recruiters have had to change some of their tactics to try and get some recruits.According to Vice, the Army funded Call of Duty tournaments on Twitch h to try and recruit Black people and Latinos between the ages of 18-24. The U.S. Army allocated millions of dollars to sponsor a wide range of esports tournaments, individual high profile Call of Duty streamers, and Twitch events in the last year to specifically grow its audience with Gen-Z viewers, and especially women and Black and Hispanic people, according to internal Army documents obtained by Motherboard.