Use-of-Force Expert Testifies That Colorado Cops Should’ve Treated Elijah McClain’s Distress Calls Like a Medicial Emergency. Instead They Told Paramedics He Had ‘Superhuman Strength’ Before Fatal Ketamine Dose

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A former police officer and use-of-force expert told a court last week that former Aurora, Colorado, officers Jason Rosenblatt and Randy Roedema did not properly handle Elijah McClain during his forcible detention in August 2019, which ultimately resulted in his death. On Friday, Sept. 29, Dr. Marc Brown, who also instructs at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, reviewed the body camera footage from the incident. He testified to the jurors that both Roedema and Rosenblatt made several mistakes in how they treated McClain both before and after he was subjected to two carotid holds. Moreover, Brown stated neither Roedema nor Rosenblatt adhered to the Aurora Police Department’s training, which mandates that officers must closely monitor suspects’ physical conditions. “You think that failing to tell the paramedics that this man has been complaining over and over again he can’t breathe is consistent with the training?” a prosecutor with the Attorney General’s office Jon Bungee asked the witness, CPR reported. Trending Today: ‘I’m Gonna Hunt You Down Like a Dog!’: Enraged White Motorist Ram’s Truck Into Black Man’s Car In Alleged Racist Attack Black Tesla Employee Claims White Co-Workers, Supervisor’s ‘Preferred Pronoun’ to Use Was the N-word ‘He’s Lucky to be...