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Usher is a doting father. The ‘OMG’ singer recently gave fans a glimpse into his life as a girl dad. View this post on Instagram A post shared by BCK:Celeb Kids & More (@officialbck) “Blessings,” Usher said of his children. The recording artist shared pictures of him with his daughter, Sovereign Bo Raymond, that showed her smiling while in her father’s arms. “Your whole face,” one fan said in reference to their theory of Sovereign having her dad’s physical features. “So precious,” the supporter added. Usher and his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, welcomed their daughter in 2020. Sovereign made Jennifer a mom for the first time and Usher the father of a girl for the first time. “I’m loving being a girl dad for once,” Usher shared last year during an interview with Good Morning America (GMA). “I’m even changing my colors,” he added. “I’m wearing pink and cool stuff like that.” Usher and Jennifer welcomed a son named Sire last year who made Sovereign a big sister. Usher told the press that he was “definitely enjoying this little baby boom of ours,” which has included two children in under two years. Sire and Sovereign are Usher’s youngest kids. The recording...