Video: Florida Police Officer Unable To Swim Jumps Into Pond To Save Drowning Baby

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A police officer from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Me’Atia Sanderson, jumped in a pond to save a drowning baby in Jacksonville, Florida despite being unable to swim, according to WTSP News.    A graphic video of Officer Sanderson jumping into a retention pond on June 9 to save the drowning baby was released by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 22. Sanderson, who was the first on the scene, was responding to an emergency call about a lost baby near the retention pond. The body cam footage captured Sanderson jumping out of her patrol vehicle and sprinting towards the water as the child’s frantic mother also waded into the pond.  “Where’s the baby at? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where is he at? Oh, s—t! Oh, s—t! Oh, Lord,” she exclaimed as she rushed into the water.   The bodycam footage showed Sanderson going underneath the water to look for the drowning baby. A good Samaritan also jumped in to save the baby and is seen hurriedly carrying him from the water. Sanderson yelled for the man to lay the baby down as she ran to him and began performing CPR until the paramedics arrived and took over.   “C’mon, baby. C’mon, baby,” said...