Video: Jose Chameleone reportedly beats up his ‘Baliwa’ song producer, Diggy Baur


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By BigEyeUg Team Legendary singer Jose Chameleone can’t cease his history of blowing-up fights in the music industry. He has severely been reported reincarnating brawls with different individuals for years now. Latest on the dark side of his docket is fabled music producer, Diggy Baur (Sabula Boss) who has accused the singer of beating him up and his young brother, a one Akram to injuries. Producer Diggy Baur According to the video that Baur has posted today morning on his social media, the scuffle started when his young brother rejected to have Chameleone record a song in the studio. Baur also reveals how Chameleone’s young brother, Weasel Manizo tried to harmonize the situation that had gone rowdy but Chameleone resented grounding reasons of being a star. Baur’s injury sustained He further reveals how he has on various occasions produced songs for the singer at no cost but unfortunately, his sweat and love for Chameleone has been paid with pain. The stammering-producer also says it has been Chameleone’s routine of coming to his studio, disrespect, and insult and endanger him or his fellow studio colleagues. Producer Baur’s studio, Sabula Records The Sabula Records CEO has banned the Lord Mayor to-be from...