Video: Racist Sonya Holt is Out of Job After Saying “White Lives Are Better”, Calling Black People Monkeys & Saying They Should Have Stayed Slaves at Black Lives Matters Protesters

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Another one bites the dust. Let’s keep getting out of the paint. This is the only way to get them to shut up is by making them fear being the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen. A video showing a woman making racist comments on Saturday at a protest in Elizabethton, Tennessee, has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media. According to the Johnson City Press, the woman has been identified as Sonya Holt, and she can be seen in the video yelling “white lives matter” and “white lives are better” and making homophobic remarks to protesters. “[Holt’s] remarks were one of the most visual instances of verbal salvos hurled at Black Lives Matter protestors during Saturday’s demonstration, with several referring to protestors as ‘monkeys,’ and another man, seen on the same video as Holt, told protestors ‘we should have kept you (expletive) as slaves.’” the Johnson City Press reports. Flip the page for the videos and thank you to everyone who got her fired.