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Video Shows Los Angeles Killer Cops Shoot And Murder Black Double Amputee Over Knife

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A double amputee with a knife was shot and killed by police near Los Angeles on Jan.26. Police did not immediately release the victim’s name. The man has since been identified by his family as 36-year-old Anthony Lowe. A viral video circulating on social media purportedly shows the moments before the shooting death of Lowe, whose both legs had been amputated at the knees following an accident last year. In the video, he seems to be holding a knife, and there are now questions about whether police used excessive or justified force. The incident took place in the Southern California city of Huntington Park. The video was taken by a passerby and showed Lowe out of his wheelchair, trying to get away from police using his arms to propel himself along the ground. A spokesperson for the family said Lowe had been undergoing a mental health crisis when he was shot to death by Huntington Park police. According to the Huntington Park Police Department report, police got a call that a man was stabbed by another man in a wheelchair. They responded and found a victim suffering from “a life-threatening stab wound resulting in a collapsed lung and internal bleeding,”...