Video: Stephen A. Smith Explains Why He Will Never Apologize For Being Critical of Colin Kaepernick Because Kap Didn’t Have a Plan & Wants to Be a “Martyr”; Kap Has Raised Millions For Social Justice & Was One of The First Athletes to Offer Help to George

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Stephen A. Smith is hardheaded. He never thinks he is wrong. Even if Kaepernick didn’t have a plan right at the moment he kneeled, he quickly formed one that has been beneficial to black and brown people around the world. It is ok to admit that. It is ok to admit being critical of him while not knowing all the facts. Considering many people think Smith is in cahoots with NFL, this isn’t a good look for him. This isn’t the time to puff your chest out, it is time to come together. We have a mutual enemy and that is the cops and Trump. We could use Stephen A. Smith’s he...