Video: Watch White Men Try to Lynch Black Man Vauhxx Rush Booker in Indiana; Ian James Cherco, Jerry Cox & Sean Purdy Have Been IDed as Perpetrators; Cops & DA Won’t Arrest Them

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This is a scary situation, but one that happens often in rural areas across the nation. A black man just minding his business can be quickly overrun by racists and then the cops will cover up the murder. Thankfully for Vauhxx Rush there were people to record what was happening and then help free him before he was murdered by these white supremacists. Here is the even scary party. The cops and DA have all this on video and multiple witnesses to what happened, but they have refused to charge the racists. You know why? This is a good old boy network and until we defund the police and get rid of this crooked DAs these things are going to keep happening. Thankfully, we have IDed the perpetrators so you can help fight this case. Flip the page for the disgusting video as well as Mr. Rush explaining what happened. You can also find out the IDs of the racists and how to contact the DA’s office.