Watch Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Raising Kids While Tom Brady Focuses On Football

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Gisele Bundchen granted an exclusive interview to British Vogue and opened up about raising kids while Tom Brady focuses on football. Being a mother and a wife isn’t an easy task but Gisele is taking up the task and making sure her family survives. According to Side Action;Gisele Bundchen has made her wish of Tom Brady retiring known for a few years now.But after a short stint of retirement this offseason, Brady announced that he was returning for (at least) one more season with the Buccaneers this year.At the ripe old age of 44, TB12 has proven he can still sling it with the best of em, which means Gisele will have to handle most of the duties back at home for one more year.Luckily for Brady, she seems pretty used to it at this point.