Watch OnlyFans Star Kitty Lixo Claim She Had to Sleep With Several Facebook Employees To Get Her Banned Instagram Account Reactivated

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These OnlyFans stars are capable of doing anything just to make the headlines and go viral on the internet. According to OnlyFan star named Kitty Lixo, she repeatedly tracked down Meta employees and had s*xual relations with them to get her banned Instagram account reactivated. She disclosed that her IG account was locked for sharing explicit content. The Daily Mail has more;An OnlyFans star claims she had sex with multiple Meta employees in order to get her Instagram reactivated, revealing the shady ‘review’ process for accounts that are shutdown.Podcaster and OnlyFans creator, known as Kitty Lixo, explains her Instagram account – which is full of lingerie and bikinis shots but no full nudity – was taken down ‘three or four times’ for ‘sexual solicitation’ because she had shared her OnlyFans link.So she began ‘sleeping’ with a friend of hers that happened to work at Instagram back. ‘And he did (get her account reactivated), which was really nice of him,’ Lixo said on No Jumper podcast. Her friend, who she did not name, gave her the breakdown in the review process, which includes Instagram’s integrity team, who oversees banned accounts.