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‘We Got to Take Cover’: Mississippi Man Dies Protecting His Wife from Storm as Tornadoes Ravage the South, Destroying Thousands of Homes

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*** Weekend Tornadoes Rocked Home Like ‘a Sleeping Baby,’ Family of Three, Among 26 Dead, Thousands Left Homeless*** ‘We Got to Take Cover’: Mississippi Tornado Rocked Home Like ‘a Sleeping Baby,’ Killing Family of Three, Including Teen, Thousands Left HomelessAs residents of the small tight-knit Mississippi community of Silver City try to comb together shattered pieces of their homes shredded as at least 10 confirmed tornadoes struck the state, Alabama and Tennessee over the weekend, they are also coming to grips with the loss of a beloved member of their community. Robert Lee died while protecting his wife from a failing beam on Friday night. The couple was sheltering in their bathroom when winds from a tornado-spawning storm ripped off the bottom of a trailer home about 50 yards away and cut through the home straight into the bathroom “like a boomerang”, WAPT reports.