We Must Defeat Trump along With His Make America White Again Racist Constituency


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[Donald Trump & White Supremacy] Benjamin: "Still, ask yourself this: with whom do we have a better chance of advancing our agenda? Republicans are always telling us about how President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves." Photo: YouTube Tags:& Donald TrumpWhite Supremacist AgendaAmerican Presidential PowerBoogaloo BoysProud BoysPatriot FrontPatriot PrayerQAnonVanguard AmericaSecond AmendmentKyle RittenhouseJoseph RosenbaumAnthony HuberCentral Park FiveAntifaCharlottesvilleBirtherismPresident Barack ObamaSenator John McCainTrumpism2020 ElectionSouthern strategyPandora’s Box of American RacismWhite Grievanceethnic cleansingMuslim ban“shithole countries”Child SeparationStephen MillerPresident Abraham LincolnJanet Jackson