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A man gets a drive-through COVID-19 test outside Meharry Medical College April 1. Medical workers gave 80 tests March 31, the first day supplies were available. NASHVILLE, TN – The numbers tell the story. South Korea has a population of 51.5 million. They responded quickly and effectively to the coronavirus outbreak with drive-through testing stations. By mid-March 300,000 people had been tested, or one out of every 171 residents in the country. Health officials in South Korea identified more than 8,000 positive cases of COVID-19. They quarantined them. South Korea’s infection curve peaked a month ago at 909 new daily infections. Two weeks later it had only 93 new cases. One hundred sixty-two people have died there. In contrast, the U.S. completely dropped the ball. The U.S. population is 330 million. We tested 60,000 people by mid-March or one out of every 5,550 residents in the country. Seven thousand positive cases were identified by mid-March. Two weeks later 831,000 Americans had been tested and the number of positive cases jumped to 175,000. “It’s scary,” said Dr. James Hildreth, President of Meharry Medical College. We now know many more people are infected than previously thought. More than 3,000 people have already...