We Survived Another Pandemic Year, Now Here Comes Christmas!


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Working Mom& & & Even though last year was hard, one benefit of being on lock down during the pandemic was the relief from many of the social expectations that make the world go 'round like, holiday presents for those who help you but aren't family or dear friends. Who are these people? They are bus drivers, housekeepers and teachers. Perhaps I shouldn't assume though. Perhaps others were mailing presents to teachers during the pandemic. However, most of us were a bit salty about having to watch our kids all day so we passed. Or, they did like I did, I sent a present to the teacher I really liked and sent the other nothing, cause you know, it was a pandemic. This year though, things have returned to some sense of normalcy and with that normalcy comes expectations. And the stay-at-home moms have been planning for this since Labor Day. So, the pressure can be intense.& And if you celebrate Christmas, right about now, it is about to get super real! That said, there are tips that can make you ace this season like a pro, even if you are just getting started.& Five Tips to Rock Christmas Gift...