West Side’s first Culver’s opens at “Cop Academy” campus

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The West Side’s first Culver’s restaurant opened at the northeastern corner of West Humboldt Park’s Joint Public Safety Training Campus Monday, and it’s already getting plenty of crowds. Customers who spoke to Austin Weekly News on the opening day said that just having a sit-down restaurant on the West Side was an important step forward. Kevin Davis, who lived two blocks from Culver’s, was the restaurant’s first customer. He said that he got there at 8 a.m. Davis said that, to him, it wasn’t just about having a place to eat nearby — it was about giving local groups, such as local senior club, a place to hang out. “To me, the hamburgers are the best — they’re freshly made,” he added. Franchisee Baron Waller said that he always tried to open Culver’s locations in places the chain doesn’t usually go, and he was happy to provide job opportunities in the community crying out for them. He said he would consider opening more locations on the West Side. Waller said that the opening took five years, through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues, so he was happy to finally see it open. He described the opening...