What The Hell is Going on in the AFC South

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It’s time for some more grades. Today, I’ll be taking my turn at reviewing the off-season for teams across the AFC South, a division that’s 100% up for grabs this upcoming season. The Colts secured an aging quarterback who’s battling father time, but still has some gas in the tank to give the organization a decent amount of optimism about their chances to make the playoffs this year. The Texans traded away a top 3 wide receiver in the league, in exchange for an aging running back with massive injury concerns, and have given their young franchise quarterback one more reason to want out. The Titans stuck with the approach of continuity, while filling other roster holes through the draft. The Jaguars are fully invested into the Minshew project, and are looking at nothing but another rebuild. There’s a lot of intrigue with this division, but it doesn’t have the same sort of marketability its had in previous years. Nevertheless, I’m here to break things down for you guys. So sit back, and take some time to read. Houston Texans Notable Free Agency signings: Randall Cobb, Bradley Roby, Vernon Hargreaves, Eric Murray Additions via trade: Brandon Cooks, David Johnson Notable...