What would a government shutdown mean for me? SNAP, student loans and travel impacts, explained

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By Wyatt Grantham-Philips | The Associated Press The federal government is heading toward a shutdown at month’s end that will disrupt many services, squeeze workers and roil politics. (Sept. 26) NEW YORK (AP) — With gridlock persisting in Washington, a& government shutdown& is looking all but inevitable ahead of this weekend’s deadline. While the Senate pushes forward with bipartisan approach aimed at keeping the government open, the Republican-controlled House has made little progress — most recently with Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s& last-ditch plan collapsing& Friday. If spending measures aren’t passed by Saturday night, millions of federal employees& will be furloughed& and many others will be forced& to work without pay& until the shutdown ends. A handful of federal safety services that people rely on everyday are also in jeopardy. From dwindling funds for critical food assistance programs to potential delays in customer service for recipients of low-staffed Medicare and Social Security offices. The ripple effects would come down to how long the shutdown lasts and varying contingency plans in place at impacted agencies. “Collectively, hundreds of millions of Americans, a majority of the population, are receiving some kind of benefits from the government,” said Forrest V. Morgeson III, an associate professor...