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Where’s the Justice?: They Called for His Firing, Instead Columbus Officer Who Shot Sleeping, Unarmed Black Man Within Seconds of the Encounter Retired with His Pension

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Weeks after Donovan Lewis’ family filed a civil lawsuit against a Columbus police officer for his wrongful death, the same cop retired. Now relatives of the 20-year-old are speaking out and demanding answers about how this was allowed. Lewis was fatally shot by Anderson on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022, while in bed. The officer and his colleagues were on a mission to arrest Lewis based on several arrest warrants. Video shows after they, including a K-9 unit, entered his home, opened his bedroom door, and within a split second Anderson shot Lewis dead.Anderson says he believed the vape pen in Lewis’ hand was a weapon and fired his gun because he believed it was a viable threat. A criminal investigation into whether Anderson’s action was justifiable has been launched and is currently pending.