Which side are you on, Mayor Breed?

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by the Bay Area Poor People’s Campaign

The number of unhoused people dying on the street in San Francisco is triple the number who died last year at this time. During this pandemic Mayor Breed exercised excellent judgment calling for the shelter in place order ahead of other cities and even ahead of Gov. Newsom. She understood the deadly nature of the virus and her responsibility to protect the people of her city.&

Yet when it comes to the unhoused people of her city, she is showing callous disregard for their health and wellbeing, defying a unanimous vote by the Board of Supervisors to use 8,000 hotel rooms to get people off the street who want to be housed. To punctuate her draconian stance, she has been ordering sweeps of homeless encampments and the removal of homeless people at the behest of her campaign donors.&

As the Poor People’s Campaign Bay Area, we are disgusted with this immoral exercise of political power to serve the rich and attack the poor. We are calling...