White House Continues to Support HBCUs

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By Glenda Glover, Ph.D., JD, CPA HBCUs have changed the college landscape, and provided a significant return on investment. Our country cannot reach its goals without strong, viable, sustainable HBCUs – goals necessary to close the education gap, health, wealth and economic gaps. HBCUs were founded to educate the newly freed slaves, and have fulfilled this mission with limited resources, discrimination in funding, and inadequate facilities. At HBCUs we see Black excellence at its best. HBCUs have made enormous contributions, and in spite of finding a way to survive, the lack of funding has prevented many HBCUs from excelling at an even higher level. As president of Tennessee State University, I see first-hand the difficulties that HBCUs experience and the continuing, looming disparity in the educational gap.& The Build Back Better Act is significant legislation that proposes to invest in HBCUs, and reflects this Administration’s understanding of how important these investments are in helping HBCUs continue their central role in resolving many of the challenges& that threaten the general welfare and prosperity of& our country. The President and Vice President have provided historic support for HBCUs and invested in HBCUs at unprecedented levels. We must now work with Congress to...