White Jury Delivers Justice For Ahmaud Arbery Finding Three White Vigilante Murderers Guilty


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(Photos: YouTube\Twitter)The three white vigilante murderers of Ahmaud Arbery: Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William "Roddie" Bryan, will all soon be headed to prison–after they were all convicted of felony murder charges on Wednesday afternoon.Apparently, some whites (including the 11 on this jury) have gotten the message that Black lives do matter.All three murderers now face life imprisonment. That sentence is appropriate for the way they killed Ahmaud Arbery, hunting him down like an animal. The killers will also face federal charges.For many in Black America, Wednesday’s verdicts seemed improbable, which is not surprising given the long history of racial injustice inside America’s courtrooms.But justice was served for the parents of Ahmaud Arbery. They will never be able to hug their beloved son again, but unlike so many other Black families, who had loved ones killed by the hands of white racists, they were able to secured justice inside an American court.Wednesday’s guilty verdicts delivered for us a welcomed example of an anomaly: a nearly all-white jury delivering justice in a racially-charged case, for the family of an African-American victim killed by the hands of white men. That this decision happened inside a court, in the south, in Georgia, makes...