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Why Black Women Must Be Super Advocates

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Photo credit: Jamil Rivers/Penn Medicine News Making a difference in someone’s life can truly go a long way. In fact, when it comes to our health, sometimes we could all use a little help from others. Breast cancer survivor Jamil Rivers has impacted other women’s lives in a huge way.  Years ago, the working mom of three received the daunting diagnosis that she’d developed Metastatic breast cancer. Research indicates that Black women like Rivers are at a “40% higher risk of developing Breast cancer than white women.” With the healthcare system being rigged, many Black Women don’t receive the proper treatment or resources they need to sustain a healthy life.  Unfortunately, Rivers has seen cancer up close and personal, after watching her husband’s battle with cancer. Though, her personal experience proved useful in helping her ask the right questions at doctor’s visits and receive the proper treatment she needed. Additionally, being well-versed in oncology care led Rivers to help other women advocate for themselves.  This Is No Ordinary Common Cold Like any cough, we immediately think to ourselves that we’ve caught a common cold. Most people will say they’re not a fan of being sick in bed all day. Unfortunately,...