Why Smart Travelers Fly Spirit To Higher-Priced Cities And Routes

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Among those people who love to hate Spirit Airlines, one of the biggest complaints is that you have to pay for literally everything — check bags, carry-on bags, choose seats, have a boarding pass printed by an airport agent, snacks, drinks and even water. But a quick online search of “people who love Spirit Airlines” results in a long list of articles written by the likes of BuzzFeed, USA Today and The Points Guy. Glowing headlines proclaim strong feelings such as “I Love Spirit Airlines And I’m Not Ashamed To Admit It,” “10 completely serious (and not at all sarcastic) reasons to love Spirit Airlines,” and “Yes, I Love Spirit Airlines — Here’s Why.” Based in Miramar, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan area, Spirit is one of the largest ultra-low-cost carriers in the U.S. “And personally it’s my favorite (I far prefer Spirit to Frontier, for example),” wrote One Mile at a Time founder Ben Schlappig. “While Spirit often gets a bad rap, I think that largely comes down to people having unrealistic expectations.” The biggest thing that frustrates people about Spirit is not understanding the rules, Schlappig wrote. In exchange for low base fares, Spirit is sometimes accused of...