Will County numbers are climbing for Vote By Mail ballot applications

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Applications for Vote By Mail ballots continue to flood the office of Will County Clerk Lauren Staley Ferry and as of earlier this week the total had reached more than 66,000, according to Ferry’s Chief of Staff Charles Pelkie. That’s more than double the amount of requests received by the clerk’s office in 2016, when 30,000 Vote By Mail requests were received and 27,000 were returned and counted. That election, Pelkie said, was the “high water mark” in the history of the office receiving Vote By Mail ballots. Gwen Ulmer, 71, of Joliet, said she has voted by mail for about the last 15 years. “I have already requested my ballot,” the former election judge said. “I most definitely trust the process and I know that it works.” The Coronavirus pandemic is playing a major role in more voters deciding to cast their ballots by mail in this November’s Presidential election, especially when no one really knows how much of a risk it will be to vote at a polling place on Election Day.