Winners & Losers of 2020 NFL Draft, Who May Not Be Winners or Losers in a Few Years (Videos)

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Around this time every year brings a fresh smell of optimism in the air by way of the NFL Draft. Every team has the opportunity to both get younger and better and fan bases get recharged with excitement for the upcoming year depending on how their team fairs. The NFL Draft is as fair as it could possibly be with the teams with the worst records picking first in descending order towards the team that won the Super Bowl. Despite this, several teams find themselves at the top of the draft year after year for a litany of reasons. Often times players with great talent aren’t drafted to the most ideal situations. Regardless, the talent is there every year 2020 year is no different. The first 3 rounds of this year’s draft see perhaps the deepest bunch of talent among several positions such as wide receiver, offensive line, defensive backs, Tight Ends, and outside linebackers that have been available in a very long time. We will take a look at a few winners and losers in this year’s draft that’s on a variety of things such as value, need, scheme fit, injury history, and players who fell down draft boards....