Winter Solstice Lesson for Moms with Young Children


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Celebrating lifeToday is December 21st,& the Winter solstice.& It is a time to put old things away and start anew. As someone who called me today said, "It is a time to say goodbye to everything that hasn't been working for you and embrace what you want in your life!"& When this person called I was elbow deep in cleaner scrubbing my tub, my kids were fighting and I just realized my three year old had pooped his pants. I had also picked up my husband's dirty clothes off of the floor for the umpteenth time. The combination of factors is probably why the deep thoughts and new age thinking hit me different. And, although most days I strive to be at my highest vibration and am able to receive such things, today, I rejected it from the pit of my soul and thought, "Why is it that most of the deep thinkers don't have young kids?!"And while I realize that yesterday had significant cosmic significance, it also had practical significance too. I am a firm believer that your circumstances shouldn't define you. However, I also acknowledge that you aren't immune from them. Where you are at a given moment...