With The 2020 NFL Draft Now In The Books, Here’s Grades For Every Single Pick The Titans Made

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The 2020 NFL Draft is officially in the books. The first round was rumored to be full of chaos in terms of trades, but in the end, we were given a quiet first night with really only 1 pick that completely caught us off guard. For the Titans, it was a draft that started off with a couple questions, but ended with many once again praising Jon Robinson for the talent he came away with. I’ll admit, this class is looking mighty fine. Let’s grade this draft class shall we? Round 1: OT Isaiah Wilson/Georgia Initially, I criticized this pick a great deal. I didn’t understand the thought process behind this pick, other than developing a your future starting right tackle, while releasing yourself from the shackles of potentially starting Dennis Kelly for much longer than you’d like. I have no problems with Kelly, but he isn’t some bookend tackle you want to throw out there consistently, he’s just not at that level. But he’s good enough to hold up, especially in the offensive system the Titans currently run. Combine that with the Titans’ status among the AFC as somewhat of a contender, and this pick makes even less sense....