Wizards Announcer Glenn Consor Said Kevin Porter Jr “Pulled The Trigger” Just Like His Dad Who Spent Time in Jail For a Shooting

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One has to hope that Wizards Announcer Glenn Consor just assumed Kevin Porter’s Jr. father was longtime NBA player Kevin Porter who played in the league for ten years and led the league in assists for four of those years.That Kevin Porter is still alive today, Kevin Porter Jr’s dad sadly has been dead since he was four years old.Porter Jr’s dad spent four years in jail for accidentally shooting a young girl, and then himself succumbed to gun violence when he was shot multiple times while trying to help a friend during an altercation at the club.It would be insanity for Consor to be that insensitive.Awful Announcing has more on the story.Wednesday night was a special one for Kevin Porter Jr., who returned from a suspension following a heated argument and incident with an assistant coach last week, hit a buzzer-beater to lead the Houston Rockets to a 114-11 victory over the Washington Wizards.