Woman Goes Viral For Being Dumped Because Because She Has Hairy Armpits

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An unnamed woman has revealed that she got dumped over her hairy armpit after having s*xual relations with her date on the first date. According to her date via text messages, he isn’t interested in a woman with a hairy armpit and can’t be with her despite being funny and s*xy. The hairy armpit is a dealbreaker for him. The New York Post got details;An unnamed woman took to social media to call out the man she had been seeing for criticizing her body. In the texts, he told her: “Hey, this isn’t going to work.“You’re sexy and funny but seeing your hairy armpits is a no-go, it’s just my preference.” Immediately, she clapped back and said: “So you having armpits is fine, but not me, a woman who also grows hair there?”“It’s just my preference,” he simply responded. But she wasn’t going to take it.The woman then slammed him: “But you have a d**k shaped like a croissant isn’t my preference, but I understand that it’s not something you can help.