‘Women In the Industry Do Not Deserve This’: Fans Defend Ashanti After She Reveals Producer Asked Her to Choose Between Showering with Him or Paying 40k Per Song They Collaborated On

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Being a woman in the entertainment industry can, unfortunately, come with entitled men who try to flex their position of power to intimidate. Thankfully, there are women in the industry unafraid to speak of their uncomfortable experiences and Ashanti is one of them.  In Ashanti’s most recent “The Breakfast Club” interview that was uploaded Thursday, Dec. 1, the “Foolish” singer revealed a producer she collaborated on two songs with wanted her to shower with him as a form of payment for the tracks.& Ashanti. (Photo: ”The Breakfast Club” screenshot) “One producer, we did two records together he was like ‘OK, you know I’m not gonna charge you, you’re my homie’ whatever, whatever. And then when it came time to put on the album he was like ‘Well, let’s take a shower together,’” she said.& Noting that she initially thought he was joking, Ashanti continued, “He’s like ‘Naw, I’m dead serious, like, you know, let’s go out or let’s take a shower together and I’ll give you the record. ’Cause if not, I’ll need 40 racks for the record.’”The unnamed producer and Ashanti had been reportedly working together for a few weeks and were cool, thus causing Ashanti’s confusion on where...