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XCD 11.5 Million In Outstanding Back Pay For Saint Lucia Civil Servants

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The Office of the Prime Minister extends its congratulations and thanks to the six [6] public sector unions that make up the Trade Union Federation [TUF] and the Government Negotiating Team [GNT] for the successful conclusion of wage negotiations which resulted in two Collective Agreements for the periods 2016 – 2019 and 2019 – 2022 respectively. These Agreements included wage and salary increases. Although the conclusion of the negotiations predates the Pierre Administration and, despite the global economic challenges and inflationary pressures on government revenue, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre and the Cabinet of Ministers were happy to oblige and decided to honour the two Collective Agreements. The disbursement of outstanding back-pay for the period 2019 – 2022 which totals XCD 11.5 million for both active and non-active public servants is scheduled to commence on March 23, 2023. Moreover, public servants currently benefit from a 1% wage and salary increase which took effect in April 2022. And, in December 2022, active and non-active public servants collectively received XCD 6.8 million in back pay from the government. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers remain committed to working with the TUF to foster mutually respectful industrial relations to ensure...