Yung Miami Post Receipts And Thanking Her Papi For Giving Her $99k To Go Shopping and Buy a Pizza Bag

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Many fans of the City Girls have been suspecting that one half of the duo, Yung Miami, was dating Diddy. Now she added to the speculation by posting a receipt on her Instagram story showing a hefty bill of over $99,000 at a high-end boutique in Miami. Her caption read:99k just to shop, thank you papiTwitter, of course, saw this and reacted to a man paying for Yung Miami’s shopping spree. Some called her out for spending over $5k on a ‘slice of pizza purse’ and who is this mystery man who dropped close to $100k on their girl.Just for reference, Diddy is worth $900 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. If any man has the pockets deep enough to drop $100k on a shopping spree, it would definitely be Diddy.