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Zaya Wade has landed a magazine cover! The teen sat down with Dazed magazine to discuss school, fashion, and other things in her world. “I was really scared in middle school to go to high school, but I’m loving it,” Zaya said of her high school experience thus far. “I’m loving my classes and my school. It is such an amazing opportunity to have this work-life balance.” In addition to attending school, Zaya is also gaining ground in the fashion industry. “My relationship with fashion has really evolved over the years,” Wade said when asked about her decision to enter the industry. “It started out as, ‘Oh, my parents are super fashionable, and I want to dress up and be as fashionable as them.’ But, as time has passed and I’ve become more integrated into the fashion world, it’s become a really important part of expressing myself and my identity,” the teen shared. “Whether I’m wearing a dress for winter formal or wearing a suit for a shoot, it’s just a way to level up my iconic-ness, I feel.” Zaya has participated in several fashion shows for various brands. “I’ve definitely grown to love Miu Miu – I’m obsessed,” the...