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West Coast, Messed Coast™ Report – Slavery Edition - We bring you great tidings in this pre-Christmas West Coast, Messed Coast™ report! The great news is that the slaves are free and their progeny are getting back pay, but, sadly, getting a gun to figh…Tweeted by @VictoriaTaft

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Will Black Voters Still Love Biden When They Remember Who He Was? - Joe Biden’s record on integration and mass incarceration is worse than any other Democratic candidate’s. He is also currently more popular with black voters than any other 2020 hopeful. Will they sti…Tweeted by @BlissfulBeauty

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In Conversation: Isabel Wilkerson and Beverly Horowitz - We asked Pulitzer Prize–winning writer Isabel Wilkerson and her editor Beverly Horowitz to discuss the process of adapting Wilkerson's adult bestseller 'Caste' for young readers, and how high school …Tweeted by @PWKidsBookshelf

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Allison Jean Concerned Over ‘Semblance Of Anarchy’ In Saint Lucia

Dr. Allison Jean has expressed concern over the escalation of gun violence in Saint Lucia, declaring that there seems to be a semblance of anarchy. Jean, a government Senator, spoke in an interview with reporters on Tuesday in response to the question of whether Saint Lucia could be identified as a...