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Mayor Dickens to mayors: Welcome to Atlanta

Within the next few years the city of Atlanta will play host to events and people from all over the country and the world. From the World Cup in 2026 to college football’s penultimate game to cutting the ribbon on the headquarters of United St...

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Democrat Congressman Jamaal Bowman: The New Jussie Smollett

Meet Congressman Jamaal Bowman. The Jussie Smollett of Congressional Democrats. He lies to your face, but wants to be believed.I know who pulled that fire alarm in the Cannon Building. It was two MAGA-hat-wearing cornfed rednecks who support Donald T...

- 4 hours ago

Democrats Publicly Abandoning Joe Biden

The following article, Democrats Publicly Abandoning Joe Biden, was first published on The Black Sphere. I said not long ago that the death knell for Biden will be when the second Democrat publicly denounces him. I said this, because I remembered th...