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- 1 day ago

Reggie Calloway: “Sabrina”

Singer\songwriter Reggie Calloway's new video for the song “Sabrina” is a romantic fantasy about a princess queen who meets a traveling balladeer singer. They immediately fall in love only for him to have to leave to spread love through music around...

- 2 days ago

The Survival 76 Cypher

Photo: YouTube The Survival 76 Cypher is the brainchild of Cedella Marley who wanted to send a strong musical message in celebration of her father, Bob Marley's 76th earthstrong that speaks to the times in which we live.

- 3 days ago

Straight: "Virus"

The following music video "Virus" performed by Reggae artist Straight (Kenneth Cunningham) was released Tuesday. The song Virus was released on 10 October 2020. The song explores the issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The song was produced by...

- 4 days ago

Bobby V: “Reply”

Photo: YouTube Multi-platinum R&B singer and Grammy Award nominee, Bobby V (formerly Valentino), has announced the release of his new single, “Reply,” the launch of his Atlanta-based independent label, Veltree Music Group (VMG), and a forthcoming...