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1 hour from now

Feffe Bussi releases his “Paragon” album

Rapper Feffe Bussi born Frank Mukiza has released his long-awaited 15-track album dubbed “The Paragon” Screenshot In March this year, Feffe Bussi announced intentions to release his maiden album consisting of 15 tracks. Despite the crafting...

1 hour from now

Save The Turtles – Fisheries Department Launches New Initiative

By Jessy Leonce In continued welfare efforts for nesting sea turtles, the Department of Fisheries is erecting signposts at beaches island wide to make it easier for individuals to report any sightings of the visiting reptiles. The signpost lists cont...

54 minutes from now

Aaronx features Sheebah on Njalwala Remix

“Njalwala Remix” by Aaronx featuring Sheebah is a heartfelt love ballad that tugs at the heartstrings with its emotional lyrics and beautiful melody. From the very first note, the song envelops the listener in a poignant narrative...