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News Alerts: Texans Fight Back: No Masks Allowed!

The following article, Texans Fight Back: No Masks Allowed!, was first published on The Black Sphere.We’ve entered a strange new era, to say the least. Plexiglass dividers are popping up in front of every cash register, whether at the gas station or...

2 hours ago

Race Polling in the Wake of Joe Biden’s Racist Comments

The following article, Race Polling in the Wake of Biden’s Racist Comments, was first published on The Black Sphere.Only sellouts discuss race in politics. That’s why Democrats constantly bring up race. Because Democrats are sellouts. I wrote the boo...

3 hours ago

Black-owned businesses face uphill battle for funding

Businesses throughout Will County are preparing to reopen Friday under Phase 3 of Gov. J.B Pritzker’s Restore Illinois Plan and some of those businesses stayed afloat through the pandemic crisis by receiving loans from various federal and state stimu...

3 hours ago

Donald Trump Unmasked

“Trump Unmasked”Continue reading Trump Unmasked at The New Journal and Guide .

5 hours ago

The Pros and Cons of COVID-19 Testing

By Glenn Late last month, the American Medical Association issued the following statement: “No therapies have yet to conclusively show effectiveness against COVID-19”.According to information on the CDC website, “Two kinds o...

5 hours ago

The Troubling Times Provide Insights

The Coronavirus pandemic is revealing several issues and facts, knowledge not that apparent to many people. One, of course, involves President Trump. Perhaps (I hope) more people have realized this year that Trump is as ignorant, corrupt, morally cha...

5 hours ago

Barack Obama’s Scumbag FBI Exposed

The following article, Obama’s Scumbag FBI Exposed, was first published on The Black Sphere.While crooked disgraced fired former FBI Director James Comey ran the DOJ-sanctioned Mafia, Obama oversaw the group. We now know that Obama utilized the Brits...

5 hours ago

NEW FILM REVIEW: The Lovebirds

By Dwight Brown NNPA News Wire Film CriticIt probably looked really good on paper. Bickering couple gets caught up in a murder and goes on the lam. It’s just enough of a framework for two comic geniuses to flaunt their comedy licks. Kumail Nanjiani...