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Ace Boone Koone 'Past and Present'

“Past N Present,” featuring La’Ras., AceBooneKoone (ABK) echoes his frustration and passion for today’s issues in society and the current political environment.



Shakira and J. Lo Have Liberated Us All!

At ConcertY’all know that my raison d'etre is to discuss the issues related to working moms. Well today, is a day to celebrate two working moms who inspired us all at the Super Bowl Halftime Show last Sunday—Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Shakira and J.Lo Inspired MePerhaps it is because I was inspired...

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Antonio Brown on How He Was Tricked Into Signing a Confidentiality Agreement That is Stopping Him From Releases Evidence That Proves He Isn’t a Rapist and Is Being Extorted (Pics-Vids)

Antonio Brown is being sued for sexual assault and he’s now giving a reason his accuser, Britney Taylor,  is suing him. According to The Blast, AB is saying Taylor only made the accusations so she could get a settlement. After Taylor, who was his ex personal trainer, sued him for three...

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