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- 2 months ago

Ocho Cinco and His Love for McDonald’s Is Hilarious !

Chad Johnson better known as Ocho Cinco by fans is a well known fan of McDonald’s as he keeps reminding us now and then. While celebrities are usually seen eating at fancy restaurants paying exorbitant amount of money for fancy meals and grotes...

- 2 months ago

Cowboys Legend, Hall of Famer Gil Brandt, Passed Away At 91

Have you ever wondered why the Dallas Cowboys are called “America’s Team”? The moniker wasn’t just something the franchise came up with on a whim, nor did they become “America’s Team” for no apparent reason. Who it was that gave the...

- 2 months ago

Volleyball Star Kayla Simmons Shows Off Cleavage in Boxing Ring

Sex*est volleyball star Kayla Simmons has ventured into new sports and it’s boxing! Kayla was seen in photos with her personal trainer with her boxing gloves and gear on. Is she venturing into the boxing influencing industry? Kayla Simmons has...