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- 6 days ago

Cocaine Bear Trailer Officially Released and it is Wild

Universal is set to drop a movie about the true story of how a bear ate 75 lbs of Colombian cocaine, and I can’t wait for this movie to be released. Vlad got the details; Of all the wild and crazy real-life stories about narcos and drug...

- 1 week ago

Patrick Mahomes on Course for Another MVP Season

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has been a breath of fresh air since he joined the NFL in 2017. In his first full season in the league, he won the regular MVP award, scoring 50 passing touchdowns in the campaign. Patrick Mahomes has NEV...

- 1 week ago

Watch Kanye West Storm Out Of Tim Pool Interview

Kanye West has become too angry to the extent that once you do not agree with him on his anti-semitic comments, he either calls you out on social media or cuts ties with you as Adidas and others have cut ties with him. In a viral video, Kanye...