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- 6 months ago

The Importance of Taking Vacations

Vacations are a time to refresh and renew. And, I highly recommend that you take the time to take one, even in these inflationary times! I recently traveled to Jamaica. I recognize that’s a luxury that not everyone can avail themselves of....

- 6 months ago

Looking Forward to Seeing My Bloggy Con Peeps This Weekend!

photo credit: Rachel BrenkeI was honored to serve at the keynote speaker at Bloggy Con in 2019, and presented again last year at a session about "Content Creation".& What is Bloggy Con? It is an awesome blogging conference that takes place at The Bre...

- 7 months ago

Curating the Life You Want

@Kennywood& Amusement parks aren't my favorite. However, I am a mom. So, I find myself at amusement parks from time. Even though they aren't my favorite, I do manage to have fun while I'm there!

- 8 months ago

Money Saving Tips for Summer Expenses

Mother and son at Kennywood on CarouselSometimes I forget how expensive life is. It's not because I have a sponsor or have a lot of money. It is because, I tend to minimize my expenses. In the summer, for example, I spent most of my weekends at...

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- 8 months ago

S'mores, Are a Great Way to Create Memories This Fourth of July

Summer fun, S'moresIf you read this blog you have a good sense of who I am and who I am not. I am a mom who tries hard to create great memories for her kids. I am not a mom who has a lot of time because I am an executive at a large organization and a...