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- 1 month ago

Commentary: The Republican Party is dropping its Klan hood

BY DIANE ROBERTS In a recent CNN interview (and on many previous occasions), Alabama U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville insisted that the phrase a “white nationalist” simply meant someone who’s “a good American.” When reporter Kaitlan Collins expl...

- 1 month ago

Alabama brawl turns spotlight on Montgomery’s racial history

(CNN) —& Viral video of a chaotic brawl along Montgomery, Alabama’s riverfront has renewed national conversations about racial tensions in America. A fight between a group of White boaters and a Black co-captain of a riverboat escalated into...

- 1 month ago

Film Review: ‘Talk to Me:’ Wicked is as wicked does

By Dwight Brown NNPA Film Critic (***) Every time they hold the hand and say: “Talk to Me,” something wicked their way comes. So, you’d think they’d stop. Right? No! Hell hath no fury like teenagers left alone in a room with time on their hands. They...