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- 5 months ago

2022 Vote: Don’t just register, turn out and vote

By Allen R. Gray NDG Contributing Writer Voting in any election is a process that isn’t complete until the ballot is cast by whatever means is legally permissible. While Democrats are doing great when it comes to registering voters, the actual votes...

- 5 months ago

Inflation relief in sight: Will our efforts be fast enough?

By Lori Lee NDG Contributing Writer Now at 3.5% unemployment, we are back where we were prior to the pandemic. Perhaps, it is a good time for change–change in the way we do businesses, change in materials and resources, and change in how we obt...

- 5 months ago

Herschel Walker faces abortion allegation from 2nd accuser

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A woman came forward Wednesday to accuse Herschel Walker, the anti-abortion Republican running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, of encouraging and paying for her 1993 abortion — an accusation that came just weeks after a former girlfri...

Poetic Justice Jeans Black Friday Offer

- 5 months ago

Biden says to Fetterman: Hold my beer!

The following article, Biden says to Fetterman: Hold my beer!, was first published on The Black Sphere. I said a while back, nobody campaigns with Biden. And then Fetterman comes along. My instinct was to say that Biden bribed Fetterman with some of...