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3 months ago

Julien Alfred Smashes Her 60m Record

On Saturday, Saint Lucian sprinter Julien Alfred made history at the 2023 Big 12 Indoor Championships in Lubbock, Texas, breaking her record in the collegiate women’s 60m event. Alfred clocked an impressive 6.97 seconds in the final, improving...

3 months ago

Dr. Ratcliff honored by Black Chamber for Black History Month

Dr. Willie Ratcliff enjoys his 90th birthday party Sept. 16, 2022, at the superb Ethiopian restaurant Radio Africa, when the whole hood showed him their love and gratitude. Now the elite have followed suit. He loves and sacrifices for us all! – Phot...

Poetic Justice Jeans Black Friday Offer

3 months ago

Sleep this way to add almost 5 years to your life

(CNN) — Want to live longer? Then prioritize sleep in your life: Following five good sleep habits added nearly five years to a man’s life expectancy and almost 2.5 years to a woman’s life,& a new study found. “If peopl...