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Start growing your own food

Starting a garden, farm or growing food can become a journey of self-sustainability with many lifetime benefits.“I think getting your hands in the dirt, there’s something about reconnecting with the Earth. When you’re gardening, you’re going to be ou...

4 months ago

Anti-Trump Group Now Poses Major 3rd-Party Problem for Biden

Democrats should realize by now that attacking Trump produces tragic results for them.Look at all the ways their attacks have backfired so far. Ninety-one indictments against Trump turned the man into a titanium giant. Impervious to almost anything....

4 months ago

REAL Reason Why Michelle Obama Isn’t Running for President?

I wish I had a dollar for everybody who worried that Michelle Obama might run for president. I’d have enough money to buy Epstein’s Island and his client list.Now we get confirmation of what I’ve said for years going back to 2016. Michelle Obama won’...