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- 1 week ago

BSO Exclusive: Why Lamar Jackson Likely to Be a Raven in 2023

This is all the Cleveland Browns fault. Deshaun Watson was set to sign a contract with the Atlanta Falcons. It was so set that the Falcons had already made some Watson jerseys and were planning a press conference. The Browns, who at that poin...

- 1 week ago

The Complicated Launch of Hogwarts Legacy

I think every person has a unique story of how they came to appreciate the Harry Potter franchise. My story is wholly original. I was in a Residential Treatment Center in Provo, Utah — think of a really big group home for troubled kids...

- 1 week ago

The 4 Teams Interested in Tom Brady After He Leaves Bucs

Tom Brady had a very disappointing season, and now we have to wait to see where he will play next season or if he will even play. The Buccaneers got embarrassed by the Cowboys in the Wild Card game and then fired offensive coordinator Byron L...